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About ToolsBox Backlink Checker Tool

Links pointing to your website are referred to as backlinks, external links, or inbound links. You may examine the top  backlinks for any domain with the ToolsBox Backlink Checker Tool, a free SEO tool. Verify the backlinks to your website or the website of a competitor.

The quantity and quality of your backlinks are evaluated by search engines to determine where your website's content will appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages). The more organic traffic you receive, the higher you will appear in these results pages.


How To Use Backlink checker tool

Enter the URL of your domain (or any other domain) for your backlink analysis into the Free Backlink Checker Tool.


             You will discover:

  • The finest links linking to your website

  • The overall amount of links leading to your website

  • The total amount of different websites connecting to your webpage

  • The total Trust Flow and Citation Flow scores of your website


And for each backlink, you'll see the information below:

  •     Backlink status (follow or nofollow)

  •     URL of the web page with the backlink

  •     URL of the website page to which the backlink points

  •     Your backlink's embedding anchor text


How to use the information regarding the backlinks to your website


Search Engine Optimization: 

The most beneficial use of backlinks is likely to be for search engine optimization. You may boost your backlink profile for better search rankings and more search traffic by using the data that our online backlink tool gives you.

Lost Link Recovery:

You can locate and restore broken links using the information our tool offers. Look at 404 pages with inbound links. Making use of a 301 redirect can assist make sure that both site visitors and search engine spiders are led to the appropriate page.

Competitor Backlink Audit:

Examine your rivals' link profiles to identify opportunities to strengthen your own link-building efforts and search engine ranking. In order to avoid missing out on crucial link chances, you should always analyse the inbound links pointing to top-ranking pages whenever you run a rival backlink audit.

Building Relationships:

Follow up with people who link to your websites to create even more positive connections. This tool can also be used to locate reputable influencers with established page authority who are relevant to your industry. They may assist you in locating your target market and procure you an advantageous relationship in the method.

Build Better Backlink Profile:

The quality of the websites connecting back to your sites may be seen with this website link checker. You might choose to focus on the trustworthy websites while eliminating the low-quality ones.

Improve Your Content:

Check out the pages on your website that have received the top 300 backlinks. Any articles that "link magnetise" and command all the attention? To generate more backlinks, produce more of that content.

Spy on Your Competitors:

Investigate your competitors first. To do a competitor backlink study and discover the sources of their most powerful backlinks, enter the URLs of rival websites into the Free Backlink Checker.

Backlinks that increase traffic are valued by Google.

The majority of SEO experts believe that Google prioritizes backlinks with higher traffic than others. Google evaluates a page's value before directing visitors there.

The Google backlink checker undoubtedly values more traffic. Due to the referring website's high quality, these pages will undoubtedly be ranked higher through the power of association.

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