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How Do We Check Domain Age?                           

The domain age is basically a calculation that tells us how new or old a website is. The older website will have more domain age than the new one. The domain age is checked with a domain age checker. The domain age checker tool is a digital tool that gives details about the digital age of the domain. And it provides us with other useful information as well. Such as the registration date and the expiry date of the domain.

Why Should You Know the Domain Age?    

When you register a domain name, your domain age starts that day. However, domain name expires after a certain period of time.

Therefore, knowing the domain age with a domain age checker tool helps you know when your domain name is going to expire. So that you can renew your domain name before it expires. Furthermore, it helps you more when you are acquiring already registered domain name or website from someone. 

Whenever you buy a used thing, you always acquire information about its age and its usage.  And based on this information, you form an opinion on how well and bad it was used. Similarly, in case of buying an old domain, domain age checker provides us with information about domain’s age. It tells us not only about the age, but how many times the data was updated on the website, what SEO strategies were used and what the traffic on the website was. 

The Link between SEO and Domain Age:

When a domain age checker tool sends command to the Google to check for the domain age, the Google gives results based on how frequently the data or content was updated on a website and when did the last update take place. If the content was updated frequently, the Google considers it as an active website.

However, if the content was not updated frequently and the last update was also made long ago, Google translates it into an abandoned website and puts it down on the search results and terms it as not so old domain. Therefore, you should choose an old age domain with active content supply.

This is also because old domains can potentially have backlinks and backlinks do better to increase search engine rankings. Building up a website and establishing its reputation in the market takes a lot of effort, money and time. Therefore, consider yourself lucky if you are able to buy an old domain because an old domain can certainly have its vivid footprints in its niche.

How to Check Domain Age:        

There are many tools available in the market which claim to be domain age checker. However, their authenticity varies and sometimes can cause a huge damage. This is because if you check domain age using some unauthentic domain age checker and end up buying an old domain which is not actually that old. This dubious information can cost you money, time and damage to your business in many ways, such as the domain was not so old, or it was blocked in the past or had bad reputation in its niche. Therefore, we would recommend you to check domain age through domain age checker tool created by

The domain age checker tool of is developed by experienced people, keeping in view the sensitivity of the subject matter. It will provide you with information about when the domain was first registered, when it was last updated and when it will expire. All this information will be provided yearly and in a simple and straightforward manner.



Always check the domain age before buying. Old is gold, but you should also consider the other aspects as well. Such as, domain reputation and authority etc. Furthermore, you should also be cautious while using domain age checker tool, use the one created by 


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