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12/30/2022 12:00 AM
JPG vs JPEG: Understand the Difference Between these Image Formats

What is the difference between jpg and jpeg?

In this article, we  will talk about JPG vs. JPEG: Is There Any Actual Difference? and what exactly is JPEG and JPG.

What is a JPEG file?

A JPEG or a Joint Photographic Expert Group Image File is a specific kind of image format that uses lossy compression to work. The output image is a compromise between storage space and image quality as a result of compression. Users can change the compression setting to reduce storage size while maintaining the desired quality level. If 10:1 compression is on the image, there is a bare impact on the image quality. The quality of the images degrades more quickly the higher the compression value.

What is JPG?

JPG, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is also a file extension, was created in response to the requirement for a three-character extension name in older Windows operating systems. The abbreviation of JPEG is  JPG.

The majority of systems today, including Windows and Mac, accept larger file extensions. Thus, there is no problem with using JPEG. This wasn't always the case, though, which is why we still use the JPG extension today.

In spite of the fact that more recent versions of Windows allow the the.jpeg extension, .jpg is frequently shown as a choice next to the file type when saving a picture.

Difference between jpg and jpeg?

JPG vs. JPEG: Is There Any Actual Difference? Why are there distinct extensions if both image formats and extensions are practically the same? And why are.jpg and.jpeg images capable of existing on the same computer? And what is the difference between jpg and jpeg?

This discrepancy results from earlier versions of Windows being unable to allow file extensions other than the three-letter format. While Macs and more recent Windows machines can open files with the.jpeg extension, previous Windows machines required the shortened.jpg extension. In order to minimize misunderstanding, the majority of image processing tools now save JPG files with the.jpg extension on a variety of operating systems.



jpg vs jpeg

Currently, we are aware that the only distinction between JPG and JPEG is the number of characters in the file extension. Therefore, when it comes to using them on your website, one is not definitely better than the other.JPG and JPEG images have the same appearance and functionality. For instance, there would be no differences between a JPG and a JPEG version of the same image when compared. It just requires labeling the file kinds.

JPEG is the better option if you can't decide between JPG and if you're insistent on sticking with one file type. JPG was only necessary for earlier Windows machines, as we've already mentioned, but that is no longer the case.

Instead, the JPEG file extension gets the support from most platforms. Old habits are one of the key reasons JPG is still used and discussed so frequently. Even though JPEG would function just as well, many people still use JPG because it was formerly essential for Windows users.So, we don’t know the verdict on jpg vs jpeg .


How to Convert JPEG to JPG?

Can you convert a JPG into a JPEG? Sure, although there is usually no reason to do so. As we mentioned before, the file types are exactly the same and the only thing different is the extension or part that comes after the dot/period.

So, to change the extension, simply select the file and right-click on it, then select Rename. In Mac OSX, you can also just press the enter key and type the new extension.

Difference between jpg and jpeg by Toolsbox

It is evident that there is no distinction between JPG and JPEG. JPG was just developed as a result of a three-letter file extension restriction with prior Windows or DOS versions. Since JPG and JPEG are the same types, you can convert your photographs to either one to benefit from the tiny file size and rich colors. Toolsbox gives plenty of tools to convert JPG to WebP Image, JPG to TXT, JPG to PDF". Check it out now! 



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