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Animated webp to GIF

Images can be of different formats and an image with a certain format can be converted into a different format. However, in this process their quality can decrease. For instance, if you have an animated WebP format image that you want to convert into GIF format, the quality will be different.

Why do you need to Change Image Format?

You sometimes need to change the image format because certain devices and websites do not support certain image formats. In addition, sometimes websites with particular image formats work faster. For example, it is said that websites with WebP image format work faster. Therefore, you should know about image formats, and should also know how to convert one format into another.

In this article we will explain how to convert animated WebP into GIF.

Animated WebP to GIF:

Before we dive into the topic, you should know that animation is a process in which inanimate or lifeless objects are made to move. In this case an image in WebP format is a lifeless object and if we convert it into animation, it will start moving. And it will be known as animated webP.

Furthermore, GIF is known as Graphics Interchange Format. This format compresses the file without losing its quality. Sometimes, animated WebP images are converted into GIFs to reduce the size of the image.

How to Convert Animated WebP to GIF?

Different tools are used to convert images from one format to another. There are several online tools available to convert animated WebP to GIF. However, you should be cautious while using online tools. This is because conversion can impact the quality of the image.

Therefore, has developed a tool which is reliable when it comes to quality. To convert your animated WebP to GIF, go to the website, search the tool, open it, drag your image in or upload and hit convert now. Your GIF will be ready to download in seconds.

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