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What is a Broken Link?

What is a broken links Finder?It is very annoying when you are browsing through some website and you click on a link that is ought to take you to some web page but instead of going to that website page, you end up on a different link that displays a 404 error note. This type of error is called a broken link. This link occurs because the website for the time being is inaccessible, outdated, or being removed.

In order to have fine internet service, you need to make sure that your website is functioning properly and if your website has one or many broken links, it is not good for your business. For individuals browsing through your website, it can be very infuriating to find a broken link and get their time wasted. They might never come to your website again in the future, thinking of it as an unreliable source.

Another alarming situation a website can go through is when they have a lot of broken links. This is called link rot. If this situation arises it is almost impossible to have a functioning website.




To locate these broken links and remove them, all the website designers take aid from the broken link checker. It helps you remove all the defective links and make your website error-free and up to date.


Broken link Finder by Toolsbox


Toolsbox has introduced multiple SEO tools and one of the tools is the Broken Link finder tool. Not only will it help you to detect broken links but also remove them. The process of doing this will take a few minutes and is easy to understand. This efficient tool like every tool in Toolsbox is free of cost.


How to use the Toolsbox’s broken link finder?


The broken link finder tool by Toolsbox is the most convenient way to detect broken links from your website. All you have to do is go to the broken link finder page of Toolsbox and insert your website URL in the given space. After that, you have to click the button below and you will get your required results within seconds. The results are easy to comprehend and you will get to know about the broken link of your website.

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