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Change Text Case

What exactly is a change text case tool?

Change text case tool is a user-friendly browser-based technique where you can alter lower and upper case letters so that your document gets a better understanding. It also offers to capitalize, uncapitalize, change to mix cases, and basically, refashion the whole written document. All you have to do is paste your work into the given space and your work is edited in no time.

About Toolsbox text case converter:

Nowadays it is very essential for students, content writers, professors, or business owners to make sure that their written material is up to the mark, and for that, you need Toolsbox change text case tool. The main aim of our tool is to incorporate into the content and also change it according to preferences. It helps the writers and automatically changes their content and revamps it. This device works the same way as the built-in tool in the Microsoft world. All the needed changes are self-operated and check the text without any effort. Plus it works on the whole document, so, you do not have to work on every word which will save you a lot of time. You can easily access the online change text converter from and they will automatically change your content easily and help it to stand out more. Another added feature of our tool is that you will not lose any of your work after converting it.

Our text case offers:

The best thing about our tool is that it gives you the required changes within a few seconds and it reshapes your work more seamlessly compared to the other online tools, whose function leaves mistakes in the written document. Not only this, it offers different types of text case options.

Mention below are the options that are offered by

·        Toggle case

·        Sentence case

·        Case converter tool

·        Lower case letters to uppercase letters

·        Alternate case

Although the primary function of our tool is to alter text cases, and it is done by maintaining and enhancing the work to make it more engaging and error-free. This is a convenient way to alter your work and gives clarity to your content. So, please give it a try.


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