Class C Ip Checker

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Class c IP checker

Class A IP Address:

Class A IP address is used for a large number of public and private hosts, such as it allows more than 10 million hosts per network. Furthermore, class A allows 126 networks.

Class B IP Address:

Whereas, class B is preferred for medium to large size networks. For instance, class B allows 16,384 networks and 65,534 hosts per network.

Class C IP Address:

For both public and private networks, class C is used for small local area networks, also known as LANs. It allows for around 20 lac networks and 254 hosts per network.

Class C & D IP Addresses:

Class C and D IP addresses are used for special purposes as these two classes of IP addresses are not allocated to the hosts. Class C is used for multicasting and class D is used for research purposes.

How to Check the Class of the IP?

These IPs can be shared by other devices or websites as well. Therefore, you can know about the class of your IP and who else is sharing the same IP. This can be done using online IP class checker tools.

Why do you need to know the Class of IP?

For instance, if your website has a Class C IP address, it can negatively affect your search engine ranking. This is because a Class C IP address is shared by another website as well, if one gets blacklisted, chances are likely very high that yours can also be blacklisted.

Therefore, when you buy a new domain or already have a domain, get its class C IP checked using the class C IP checker, review the results and take necessary action.

How to Check Class C IP?

You can do this using the Class C IP checker by Just open the website. Look for the class C IP checker, and open it. After that copy-paste the domain name of your desired website into the tool, and click the blue button below. Class C IP checker will check and provide you with the results in no time. 

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