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CSS in Depth:

CSS is a programming language that gives certain visuals, colors, fonts, and layouts to a webpage or a web application. Since we use websites on different devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and Desktops, therefore CSS helps webpages adapt the type of different devices.

  However, the codes of CSS are larger than the other languages. Therefore, reducing the size of CSS codes had been the wish of all the programmers.

How to Reduce the Size of CSS?

If you are programmer or going to be programmer, you should know how to reduce the size of CSS codes. So, this job is done using various tools available online, such as online CSS minifier. Using these tools, you can reduce the size of CSS codes which helps in increasing the speed of the webpage.

CSS Minifier by

Now you know how and why you should reduce the size of CSS codes. So, if you want to do this job, use CSS minifier developed by This tool provides you with a number of option to choose from, such as color or font weight compression, removal of backlashes, semi colons, invalid properties.

Furthermore, CSS minifier by allows you to have your output as file.

How to Use CSS Minifier?

To use this tool, copy paste or search the above mentioned website in your browser, when the website is loaded, on the front page you will see a range of creative tools. Off these tools, look for CSS minifier, open it, copy paste your CSS codes in the text box, select your desired options and click on minify CSS button, the job is done. 

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