Bulk Domain Availability Checker

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Bulk domain availability checker

Domain is the URL of your website or of the website you are visiting. The name of the website can be somewhat different than the domain name, or the domain name can be the short form of website’s name. For instance, tools box is the name of our website and is the URL of the website.

What is Domain Search?

Most of the time people prefer to have domain name similar to their website, or they look for the name most relevant to their business. Furthermore, some also wish to have a creative, catchy and short domain name. This is because such names attract customer or visitors to the website and they are easy to memorize.  However, everyone is not lucky enough to have the exact domain name of his choice. Rather, it depends on the availability of the domain name. And the availability of the domain name is checked through domain search.

What is Availability of Domain Name?

 Before diving into the answer of the question, you should know that who manages the domain names: The domain names are managed by an international organization called International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This organization further allows other companies to handle the process of domain registration, these companies are called registrars. Therefore, first you have to search for the availability of your desired domain name and then get it registered with the registrar.

There are various domain registrars’ websites where you can check the availability of a domain name. For instance, you can do the domain search on a famous registrar called godaddy domain search.

However, the godaddy domain search is a tiring process in many ways. This is because every domain name you think is either not available or had already been purchased by someone else. In this case, you will have to search for another domain name, and the godaddy domain search allows you to search for one domain name at a time. Therefore, godaddy domain search will cost you a huge amount of time. But you do not need to worry about, we have solution for this problem. The solution is called bulk domain availability checker.

What is Bulk Domain Availability Checker?

The bulk domain availability checker is a tool designed especially to make the search of more than one domain names easy. In bulk domain availability checker, you can check the availability of dozens of domain names in a go. This solution is developed by

How to Use Bulk Domain Availability Checker?

To do domain search, first you need to have a domain name and that comes from thinking. Therefore, before searching for domain names, sit down, think and prepare a list of your desired domain names on a word document. Start with the name that is your top priority and go down the line.

When the list is ready, copy it and go to, you will see a range of solutions. Of these solutions, look for bulk domain availability checker, click on it, a search box will appear, paste the list in the box and enter search. In a snap, you will know which domain names are available and which are not: choose the one you like the most. Otherwise, think again prepare a list and repeat the process explained above until you find your desired name.


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