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Encrypt PDF

Why Protect A PDF?

Password-protecting your PDF might be useful for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, it ensures that nobody else can enter and view the contents of your file unless you give them the password.

On the other side, you can prevent the recipients of your PDF document from printing or copying it.

A PDF file's password protection

Use the online ToolsBox tool to password-protect PDF files. This means that your PDF file's contents must always be protected with a password.

Put a stop to illegal access

A PDF can be password-protected to limit who can access the file. If your password is weak, medium, or strong, we'll let you know.


Reliable PDF password security

We offer reliable document protection. With confidence, password-protect your PDF using any browser on a Mac or Windows computer.

How to secure a PDF file:

  • Your PDF can be dropped into the toolbox up top.

  • Put in the password you want to use.

  • To encrypt the PDF and add a password, click "Encrypt PDF."

  • Download your secure PDF document!

Questions? We have solutions.

How do I pick a secure password?

Increase the password's length and include a variety of letters (both upper and lower case) and digits to build a strong password. Additionally, adding symbols can make a password stronger. Avoid using dictionary words or other obvious words that are more easily guessed when entering passwords.

How can I decrypt a PDF that has a password?

A password-protected PDF will prompt you to input it when you open it. Enter it there and select OK. The file will then open.

What distinguishes encryption from password protection?

When you password-protect documents, anyone who enters the right password can open the file or folder. Encryption is a more effective security measure; popular varieties are 256-bit AES encryption and 128-bit key encryption. Document content is encrypted into unintelligible cipher text. Authorized users require a key, which is often a password or a digital certificate, to decode the document.

A PDF file is encrypted for increased security when password protection is implemented using the ToolsBox online tool. In order to add encryption options, use certificates for encryption, manage security settings, and restrict access. 

You may edit PDFs, arrange PDF pages, and convert PDFs to and from Microsoft Office 365 formats, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets, using ToolsBox.

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