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Traditionally, Tiff, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or Bitmap are common image formats. These formats are frequently used. Each format possesses its own goods and bads. Off these formats, JPEG is most frequently used for web images.

However, JPEG has its downside. That is, when an image is converted into JPEG its quality decreases. Similarly, Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) has both advantages and disadvantages. Such as, when an image is converted into GIF, the quality of the image remains the same. However, there is a drawback of GIF. That is, GIF provides only lossless compression. That means GIFs do not support lossy compression.

However, there is another more modern and more advance format. That is known as WebP.

What is WebP?

 The WebP solves the problem what GIF does not. In other words, WebP can support both lossy and lossless compression.

Furthermore, WebP images are smaller in size than JPEG, PNG and GIFs but better in quality than these formats. For instance, lossy and lossless WebP images are 25-34% smaller than JPEG and PNG. Same is the case when it comes to animated WebP to GIF.

Why should you Prefer Animated WebP over GIF?

As it is explained above that GIFs only support lossless compression and are bigger in size than WebP. This should be the first reason for you to prefer WebP over GIF. Similarly, WebP supports lossy and lossless compression in animation as well. In addition, an animated WebP can contain both lossy and lossless images and can still be smaller in size than GIFs and animated PNGs.

Therefore, you should prefer animated webP over GIF, and should convert GIF to animated WebP.

GIF to Animated WebP:

To convert GIF to animated WebP, search for in your browser. This website contains various handy tools that help you in your daily digital life. So, go to the website, look for GIF to animated WebP tool, and open it. You can either drag your GIF in it or upload from device. After uploading the GIF, press convert now button given below. GIF to animated WebP will be created in now time

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