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Image to base64

Corruption of the Data:

Sometimes, a device cannot support the data it is receiving and often data gets corrupted in the process of transmission, or simply sitting in our devices. As we know that data is transferred in bits (binary digits), it is also stored in binary digits. Therefore, when these digits are messed up, data gets corrupted in the storing or transmission process.

 For instance, if you have an image stored in your computer for a longer period of time, it can get corrupted due to the virus attack. Similarly, it can also be damaged in a transmission process. And your device will not be able to open the file. However, there is solution to this problem, which is known as Base64.

What is Base64?

Base64 is a code of 64 characters, which is used to send and receive binary (1, 0) data from one device to another. Base64 is a solution to the problem of data corruption in the process of transmission and storage.

Furthermore, the base64 is used for files embedding in web pages, and for cryptography. Therefore, if you are a developer and want to embed your image in HTML, CSS, JSON etc., you should convert your image to base64. In this way, your file will be already embedded in a certain file and browser will not have make separate request to fetch the file.

In addition, if you are not a developer, even then you can convert your image to base64 to avoid its corruption.

How to Convert Image to Base64?

There are various image to base64 converters available online. However, their specifications differ in terms of image format and size. But the solves this problem and provides you with a complete solution with image to base64.

How to Use Image to Base64?

If you want to convert image to base64, search for in your browser. When you will land on the front page of the website, search for image to base64, open this tool.  A box will appear. You can either drag or upload the image in it. After uploading the image, enter convert/generate code button. Your will be ready, copy that code and store it wherever you want to.

Benefits of Image to Base64

·         Image to Base64 will help you convert the image into code in a few seconds,

·         It allows you to convert the images of almost all formats, such as PNG, JPEG, WebP, and GIF etc.,

·         Furthermore, image to base64 allows you to convert an image of 1MB.



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