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What is JavaScript?

In order to understand what JS Minifier is you need to know what exactly JavaScript is. JavaScript or JS is a type of programming language which is text-based. It is used by both the user and server to make sure that their web pages are engaging and functioning properly. Along with JavaScript, there are two other important languages used in programming which are HTML and CSS.  They give the webpage its foundation, structure, and style whereas JavaScript helps in making it more engaging.

What is minification or Minifying?

The term minifying or minification comes from mini which means the small version of things. As the word suggests, minification means to compress your JavaScript. The definition of minifying is when you eliminate unnecessary or irrelevant characters in your code. These can be unused codes, comments that are in your codes, whitespace, or variables with long names that can be altered into something smaller. In simple words, it is to have the mini version of your javascript.

There are a lot of advantages of minifying your codes. Whenever you minify your code, it starts taking less space. Due to this, they take less time to transfer from one computer server to another. Transfer of minified code also requires less bandwidth. This makes the user more satisfied as the loading time decreases which enhances the overall user experience.

The main rule for minifying your code is to always minify the one which you are distributing and transferring to another server. The reason behind this rule is that the minified version of code is difficult to read and comprehend and decoding the minified version gets more complicated. So it is advised that you do not minify your source version. If you hand out a source map, it gets way easier to convert minified code versions to the original source version, making sure that production miscalculations are mapped to the accurate bit of code in the original source version.

What is JS Minifier?

An average JS Minifier is a web-based utility that helps minify or compress JavaScript data. It eliminates all kinds of irrelevant characters that are the whitespace, combined files, strips comments, and cuts down programming patterns. Toolsbox introduces you to the best JS Minifier which offers you your required outcomes within seconds.

JS Minifier by Toolsbox

We can see plenty of online JS Minifier tools everywhere as it is one of the most popular and essential SEO tools that is required by website makers. Toolsbox also has introduced its JS Minifier which is the best JS Minifier out there. This tool is very handy and also very easy to use. The best thing about it is that it is free with no additional charges. All you have to do is to insert the JavaScript in the given space and hit the button below. Within a few seconds, your required results will appear on your screens.


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