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Link analyzer

What is a link analyzer tool?

This tool is a well-organized internet tool that helps you to look over your link situation and to check which web page content will be suitable to make links. All the search engines examine links to detect the authenticity of the website and give it a high rank. So, doing a link analysis is an essential task for any website designer. A link analyzer gives you a comprehensive analysis of both the external and internal links of your website that can be located by search engine spiders.

Link analyzer tool by Toolsbox?

The link analyzer tool by Toolsbox is a great online utility to check the internal and external links of your website and compare them with the internal and external links of your competitor’s website.  It will help many website designers and SEO experts throughout the world. It will also detect any broken links that are within your web forum. The process to use this tool is very simple and free of cost.

How to use Link analyzer by Toolsbox

Our tool will perform a comprehensive analysis of your website and give a detailed report on both internal and external links. The report will give you a list of links and also the links associated with anchors text. As mentioned before the process is quite easy, all you have to do is go to the Link analyzer web page of Toolsbox. Then just insert the URL link of the web page that you want to examine in the given space and select which type of link you want the tool to analyze.  The type of links include external and internal or you can have both. After this just click the button below and you will get your results within a few seconds.



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