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Link price calculator


About Toolsbox Link Price Calculator

Website owners and advertisers can benefit greatly from this link price calculator. This is the tool you require if you want to calculate the monthly cost of charging or paying for a certain link.

The reputation of a website is determined by a special method used by Link Price Calculator. This algorithm takes into account factors such as age, ranking, and backlinks.However, if you need to optimise your website and feel the need to advertise it on another website, this tool can assist you in determining how much you should pay for the text link ad.

How to use ToolsBox  Link Price Calculator

This free web tool is incredibly simple to use, and it doesn't take any programming knowledge to determine the cost of a particular link (URL). 

You only need to type the URL into the box provided and press the "Submit" button. The outcome will then be generated and displayed to you immediately.

However, there are other factors that you should also take into account when determining link fees, such as the website's age, the quantity of backlinks. These factors are essential if you want to secure the appropriate link price for your website.

What makes a link price calculator necessary?

Obtaining an accurate pricing estimate for links or text link advertisements has historically proven challenging for many website owners and marketers. This is why we created a tool that estimates link prices using a special algorithm.

Many website owners are willing to pay for high-quality backlinks because they understand the value of backlinks in search engine optimization. You can use this Link Price Calculator to get an idea of how much a well-known website will charge you if you want to link to it.


Use Toolsbox Link price calculator free online calculator to estimate the cost of your Link if you need to buy or sell backlinks on another website.

Naturally, every website owner wants to sell or purchase backlinks at a great price. This tool can help website owners determine their backlinks' exact value. This could help them maintain better relationships with the websites of their partners by preventing them from overcharging and underpricing for backlinks.

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