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Mobile friendly test

Mobile Applications:

To cater this problem, there emerged the need of mobile apps, these apps work more like a website. However, these apps do not always fulfill the need of a website, and not all the website can have a mobile app. Therefore, programmers opt for a web theme that is supported by phones as well, or they develop a website in a way that is supported by phone systems.

How to Test if the Website is Mobile friendly or not?

When programmers or coders code a website they need to know how it looks on a desktop and on a mobile. They make sure that the website is mobile friendly or not. However, for that they cannot ask every mobile user to test their website, rather they run a mobile friendly test, using various tools such as Google mobile friendly test.

Mobile Friendly Test:

Mobile friendly test is an online test that provides you a score that tells how much mobile friendly is your website. This test is necessary to make sure that your website will perform better on a mobile and user will be satisfied with its performance.

Furthermore, it is necessary to take this test because there is huge number of mobile users who access the websites through mobile. And if your website does not perform well on mobile phone, the mobile user will quit visiting your web. As a result, you can lose a huge amount of traffic that can otherwise come to your website.

How to Take this Test?

There are a number of online tools available that provide these tests. However, you should use mobile friendly test tool by This tool will provide you with an accurate score on how much mobile friendly is your website. Most importantly, this tool is freely available.

To use this tool copy paste in your browser or search for the website, then search for mobile friendly test, and open it. There will appear a simple box, copy paste your website URL in that box and click on the start test button. Your results will be generated in no time. 

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