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Why should I test my internet speed with a network speed tester?

An internet speed test evaluates the reliability and speed of your connected device's internet connection. 

It accomplishes this by performing a series of tests in short order that examine several elements of your internet connection, including ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed. Each of these values stands for the unique characteristics of the link.

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Terms Used on the Internet



This is a form of download, however it is not saved on any hardware.Only a specific amount of bandwidth is required to watch a video without it pausing and buffering. You can watch the video without downloading it.


involves actually moving data from one place to your device.More bandwidth is used for downloading than for streaming. You download and save files, emails, games, programmes, and other content on your device.


The opposite of downloading is uploading. Unlike downloading, which copies a file from another device to your own, uploading involves sending a file from one device to another.


Detailed Examination of Internet Speed Test Results



This shows how delay affects a computer network. It is the time it takes for data to transmit between two computers, to put it simply. The test searches for the server that responds to a request for data exchange in the shortest amount of time when you run the test.

Download Speed:

The test requires the server to deliver data over and measures the amount of time needed to transfer a sample of data. The download speed, which is presented as the average time and is given in Mbps (Mega bits per second).

Upload Speed:

The test sends a small amount of test data to the server and calculates how long it takes the data to get there. It is shown as download speed with Mbps as the unit.


How fast is your internet?


It's important to realise that various internet speeds are required for various usage scenarios. What is achievable is determined by both upload and download speeds.

While low single-digit megabit per second connections are sufficient for web browsing, a minimum bandwidth of 25Mbps is required to stream Netflix in 4K resolution. 

Your ping will primarily affect your ability to play online games, with a lower ping being better, whereas your upload bandwidth will primarily limit your ability to publish content online, such as uploading large videos to Youtube.

Bandwidth for online gaming is around 150Mb per hour. According to Netflix, you need .7 Mbps to 5.3 Mbps to stream movies.Streaming music requires less bandwidth.


About ToolsBox Network speed tester

It's possible that your actual connection speed differs from this predicted speed.

The majority of individuals today use the internet on a daily basis. They utilise many devices, including;


  • cell phones

  • Digital TVs

  • Computers\Tablets\Laptops


For these gadgets to function properly and continually, they all need to be online. Smart phones use Wi-Fi or cellular service providers to connect to the internet. All other gadgets require internet connections, and Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, supply this service.

The technology utilised by the ISPs who offer the service determines the internet speed offered. The speed will be quite quick if a fibre optic connection is offered.

 Connections over cable and copper wire will be slower. ISPs employ a combination in some locations to offer internet connections.

A typical internet speed test will tell you; ping, download speed, upload speed and some internet speed tests provide some other information. When an ISP provides you an internet connection, they will tell you the download speed that they will provide you, or promise to provide you. You can check the speed by running an internet speed test.

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