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The word proxy has been derived from the word procuracy. The very specific meaning of proxy is representative. However, broadly speaking, the word proxy means “representative of someone else. In other words, the word proxy comes into play when some person, agency, or office acts on behalf of someone or substitutes someone.

For instance, data analysts often come across a situation where they do not have a data on a particular indicator, in such a situation they use proxy data. That means in these situations, data analysts use the data of the closest substitute, which is called proxy.

Use of Proxy for Websites:

Furthermore, we can say anything that helps us in reaching our destination can also be called proxy. For example, there are hundreds and thousands of websites which are banned by the governments of various countries and if you want to visit those websites, you need to you use a tool called web proxy.

Why we need Web Proxy?

The governments have banned various websites because of their content, such as the websites which publish adult content i.e. pornographic content. Government bans such website to abide by the cultural norms of the country.

Furthermore, websites are banned not only because of their adult content, but in this information age countries ban websites to cater the website which propagate false or malicious information against a country. For instance, Pakistan has its rivalry with neighboring India, therefore, Pakistan has banned access to various Indian websites.

However, when these bans are placed, many legit and educational websites also gets blocked. Therefore, to access these and many other websites, you need to use web proxy.  

How Does Proxy Work?

Since the websites have a unique IP address, the authorities ban the access to those IP addresses in a certain locality/country. In addition, every device connected to internet also has a unique IP, which provides information about the location of that device. So, when a device from that specific country tries to access the banned website, the access is automatically denied. However, when the same website is accessed using proxy server, the proxy server hides the IP address of the user and provides him an IP from another country where the website is not banned.

Where to use Proxy Web?

To cater the problem of web banns, developers have developed various websites, known as proxy web. These proxy websites are available on internet space under the name of free web proxy. However, these free web proxy websites are often not able to hide the user IP address for every website.

Web Proxy by Toolsbox.Com:

Keeping view the above mentioned gap, has come up with such a web proxy that helps you gain access to almost all the otherwise banned websites. Following are the benefits of this tool:

·         It helps you gain access to almost all the websites,

·         It helps you bypass the ban imposed by government authorities,

·         This proxy is browser based, you do not need any additional software,

·         It provides you with multiple location options,

·         And more importantly, it is free.

To use this tool, go to, open web proxy, select the location, and copy paste the URL of the website, you want to access.


Websites are banned the government agency, such as telecom authorities due to certain cultural and security reasons. However, sometimes you need to access these websites for various educational reasons. And to access these websites, you use proxy tools as the one developed by 



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