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Website links count checker


About Website Link Count Checker

Use our Toolsbox website link count checker  tool to quickly and easily check the links on your web pages.


If you want to determine the number of outgoing links on a specific page, you could use our free web tool. To ensure a website's quality, website owners and webmasters should frequently examine the external links on their web pages.The importance of these factors for SEO makes tools like website page count checkers and link count checkers essential.

Webmasters and SEO specialists will find the results to be very helpful. They constantly find it essential to perform a link count check when optimising a certain website.


How to Use ToolsBox Free Website free Link Count checker

The ToolsBox website  Link Count Checker tool is incredibly simple to use. The URL must only be entered once, followed by a click on the "Check" button. Our technology employs a special algorithm that instantly processes your request and produces the desired outcome. You'll see the following information in the results:

  • Total links

  • Internal links

  • External links

  • Nofollow link

  • Dofollow links


Total links refers to all of a website's internal and external links combined. There are tools available to count the links on a website and to identify the number of identical links and empty anchors.

Internal links are the links between pages on a website. Usually, interlinks or the website menu are used to connect them.

External links, often known as partner websites, are links to other websites. The more external links a website has, the better it is for search engine optimization.

Nofollow links are frequently displayed in red to indicate danger. It is still unclear how much of a threat they pose to a website.

Links that Google and other search engines can follow to your website are known as "dofollow" links. This link is beneficial for your website because it can raise your page rating in search results.

Why Use ToolsBox Website Link Count Checker

One of the best ways to get do-follow links is to first use the Website Link Count Checker tool from toolsbox, analyse the results, and then produce original, high-quality content, allowing it to spread and be linked to naturally.

Along with improved SEO, it will drive traffic to your website.

The best strategy is to frequently check your website links to see how many you've gained or lost using our free website link count checker.

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