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There can be many reasons for the use of a redirect. But let’s understand it through a simple example: After developing a web page, you publish the content you have developed the website for. However, while posting the content you unknowingly make a mistake and publish the content. Later, you realize your mistake and decide to make a correction, here you need to create a redirect.

Why do You need to Create a Redirect?

This is because when you publish content, a URL is created and that URL is available for the search engine to crawl on. Similarly, when you published a page with a mistake in its content, the URL is also created for that page. If someone searches for that content, the search engine can provide that page in search results.

 Now if you make a correction, you need to create a redirect because if the search engine shows the previous page in search results, and a visitor clicks on that page, due to the redirect the visitor will be directed to the page you published after making the correction.

Similarly, if you do not create a redirect in such cases, you can lose your SEO rankings. This is because if you make any change/correction in your original page or content without making a redirect, the search engine will still show that page in search results but that page will not open and that can cause a drop in your ranking.

Types of Redirects:

However, not every redirect is SEO friendly. There are different types of redirect, but commonly used are 301, 302, and Meta Fresh. All these types have a different impact on your SEO. For instance, redirect 301 is recommended for SEO. Therefore, you should know what types of redirects are made so that you can change them and choose SEO-recommended redirect.

How to Check Redirects?

There are various tools available online to check the redirects, such as URL redirect checkers. However, we bring you the most advanced redirect checker, known as the www redirect checker. The www redirect checker provides you with authentic information about URL redirection and its path. It also gives you information on how many times the URL is redirected.

You can access this tool simply by going to and looking for the www redirect checker. When you are there, open it and copy-paste your desired URL in the tool, and click the button given below. All the information about redirect will be supplied quickly.

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