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What is Backlinking?

The backlinking is a way to freely advertise your website i.e. increasing the search engine ranking of the website. In back linking, you provide the link of your website on other websites. It is done through articles or comments on other websites. The benefit of this exercise is that when your website is featured on other websites, more and more people come to know about it and visit it, as a result the search engine ranking of the website increases.

Should You Backlink Your Website on any Website?

The answer to this question comes from the TV advertisement. When a brand chooses to advertise its product on TV, it selects the TV channel with highest rating or viewership among its competitors. Similarly, the back linking is done on website which have high domain authority. Hence, the backlinking will be done on the websites with high domain authority. And the domain authority is checked with domain authority checker.

What is Domain Authority?

The domain authority is similar to the TV channels’ rating. Like, a TV channel with high rating is considered as more reliable, reputed, and favorite in its industry. Similarly, a website with high domain authority is considered as more authoritative, reputed and favorite in its niche.

In technical terms, the domain authority (DA) is a score calculated by the algorithms, which tells us about the reputation, relevance and authority of a website in a particular field or niche. The score of domain authority (which you can check using domain authority checker tool) ranges between 0-100. A website closer 100 on DA score means a more authoritative and relevant website in a certain field.

How to Check Domain Authority?

Before, we dive further into the subject, you should keep in mind that domain authority is not only checked for backlinks. But you should keep checking the domain authority of your own website and of your competitors as well, so that you can keep improving the domain authority of your own website.

Now let’s explore how to check the domain authority. The simple answer to this question is that the domain authority score is checked using domain authority checker or domain authority checker tool available in the digital market.

Now the question arises, which domain authority checker tool is authentic? There are various domain authority checker are available freely in the market but there authenticity can be questioned.


Domain Authority Checker Tool by

Therefore, we recommend you to use the domain authority checker developed by

Why Should You Use This Tool?

You should the domain authority checker by because:

It is authentic, because it is not based of dummy algorithms,

It is free, you do not need to pay any fee before checking the domain authority,

More importantly, it is developed using algorithms brilliantly. Its capability to provide you with accurate domain authority score distinguishes it from all other domain authority checker tools available,

It is simple to use, you will have to copy the URL of the website of your choice and paste it in the domain authority checker by and hit enter. This is the only effort you need to put and you will have the results in a few seconds.


Domain authority is similar to that of a TV Channel’s rating. Higher domain authority means higher the relevance and reputation the website has in its niche. That means, people like it and the website’s search engine ranking is high. The domain authority is checked using domain authority checker. That is domain authority checker tool by

Furthermore, you should built backlinks of your website on those websites which have high score of domain authority. Last but not least, keep checking the domain authority of your own website. It will help you to compare the score with that of your competitors, and form a strategy to improve your score.


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