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Grammar Checker

Getting your grammar right matters!

You want to get your ideas out there into the world, whether you're a blogger, author, businessperson, or student. What is the most effective method for doing this? Well-written, concise prose. Grammar mistakes distract from your writing and give the impression that you didn't take the time to proofread and edit your work. Therefore, your reader will assume that you just don't care. A good online grammar checker will do more than merely point out your errors. You may improve your writing by doing so.

ToolsBox does more than just a simple grammar, spelling, and punctuation check on your work. It is a comprehensive writing tool that helps you to create prose that is outstanding, flawless, and clear. You'll develop your writing abilities by using Toolsbox to correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as well as issues with sentence structure, misspelled words, typos, and more.

Why Use the Toolsbox Grammar Checker Tool?

The internet environment has a fiercely competitive desire for more content. Customers and readers anticipate well-written material. Shorter deadlines are also required of writers. A writer needs all the tools available to them to make their job simpler and faster, since editing and proofreading require time.

With all the required tools to fix spelling, syntax, punctuation, and sentence structure, a grammar checker has several features to assess the quality of written text. It searches for typical grammatical errors and either corrects them automatically or offers solutions.

Correct Grammar Structures

The software can dissect most phrases into their component pieces and tell whether you've made a mistake in your word choice or grammatical structure. A suggestion will appear, proposing a modification. For instance, if you use a plural noun followed by a single verb. The Toolsbox grammar checker will detect mistakes while you type, allowing you to ensure that no grammatical errors get through.

Correct Commonly Confused and Misspelled Words

Our top grammar checker has also been programmed with a list of the most commonly misused terms in the English language, and it will use the sentence structure to tell you when you're using a word incorrectly.

Correct Spelling Errors

When using our grammar checker, spelling mistakes are highlighted in red in your text. If you click on the word, you’ll be shown a list of suggested corrections.

Punctuation Mistakes

How often have comma splices caused you to stumble? Maybe semicolons? Perhaps apostrophes? You may learn the ins and outs of punctuation rules with the aid of a decent punctuation corrector. Every time a modification is suggested by the Toolsbox, an explanation is provided to help you grasp the rules and prevent repeating your error.

Upgrading your writing

You want more, right? Toolsbox provides advanced suggestions on word choice, vocabulary, run-on sentences, tone, and other topics.

How to check grammar on Toolsbox?

Finding errors in your text won't present any difficulties for you. Our online tool is accessible to help you find mistakes in your writing quickly. Using our grammar checker is as easy as following the few steps described below.

1.Enter your content in the textbox by pasting it there first. You may also upload a file from your computer or a cloud storage service.

2. Select the "Grammar Check" option to get started.

3. Boom! The expected results will be displayed immediately on your screen.

Better Writing Everywhere with Toolsbox

For just about every type of writing you do, Toolsbox has a tool. For users who only need a quick review of their text, the free online grammar checker is ideal. A sophisticated AI system designed to analyze English sentences powers Toolsbox products. 

Toolsbox considers context when making corrections or suggestions, unlike other tools (such as the majority of grammar checkers) that adhere to a rigid set of rules. This means that Toolsbox will inform you when you write "affect" when you really meant to write "effect," even though you used the correct spelling.

Get started. Write away!

Yes! There is no installation or paid membership required to use our grammar checker. It is totally free. With this application, there are no restrictions on how many files you may proofread.

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