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What is a Keyword Position Checker?

A website's position in the search results for a particular keyword in comparison to rival websites is known as its keyword position. A keyword position checker, also known as a keyword position tool, is any web application created specifically to help its users determine the precise position of a keyword. This position is examined in order to show how the individual looking for information will have the best chance of outranking rivals in the event of an organic search for the keywords. 

Advantages of Using a Keyword Position Checker

The following benefits are associated with using a keyword position checker:

  •  Even though the computer can simply show you where each keyword is in relation to other websites, if you want to conduct the search on your own, your only option is to rank your website or page.


  •  If you use the Keyword Position Checker, you have a better chance of knowing the number of keywords used by your website and how you have been using them. Consider a scenario in which your website is ranked for the phrase "Keyword Position Tools" but contains only four instances of it. While the other phrases you've scattered throughout your website or page are given lower rankings. Knowing this will motivate you to perform better.


  • The majority of paid checkers offer a way to highlight various areas where your website can be enhanced to rank higher across a variety of search engines. Most of the paid checkers offer a way of highlighting several areas where your website can be improved to rank higher across a variety of search engines.


  • Another advantage that many people have experienced when using keyword position checkers is the ability to discover the appropriate keywords that will be used to improve the ranking of their web pages. Your website will rocket to the top of any search results page as a result of the crucial information you learn that will change the way you use keywords.

How To Use Keyword Position Checker Google?

To use a keyword position checker, you need to do the following simple things:

Step 1: On this page, scroll down to the spaces provided for entering your data.

Step 2: In the space provided for "Your domain," enter your URL (or that of a rival). This is the website whose position you want to check.


Step 3: Choose the Google search engine where you want to check your ranking. The default is, but depending on the country you are targeting, you can also choose from other Google TLDs.

Step 4: Fill out the "Your keywords" box with the keywords for the positions you want to check. You can enter up to 20 keywords per check in our keyword position checker on Google. However, make sure you only enter one keyword per line.

Step 5: When you're finished, click "Check Position" to perform your check.

How can I increase my website’s keyword position?

If your strategy isn't producing the results you want, you probably need to make some adjustments. Utilize the ToolsBox suite of tools to analyze your website and keep an eye on both the placement of your keywords and the site's position in search results. The words that can increase traffic are found through routine keyword analysis.

But generally, you'd want to do the following:

  • Publish good content on a regular basis.

  • Building quality backlinks

  • Perform keyword research

  • Conduct regular SEO audits of your website.

  • Your content needs to be optimized for RankBrain since it is the third most important Google ranking signal.

  • These and other things.


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