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In any business, service delivery matters the most. For instance, you have a shop or a store, first, you open it late, and then your order taking, your customer care, and/or your delivery mechanism is so poor that it keeps customers waiting and does not respond quickly to them. The customer will stop visiting your business, no matter how good your product is. This is the perfect recipe for a loss.

Similarly, if you have an online shop or a marketplace, the same rules will apply here. In addition, the responsiveness of your website will also matter. Here responsiveness of a website means, its user interface and download and upload speed, etc.

Why does the Speed of Website Matter?

This is because if your website is not user-friendly, searching for the content or placing an order is a complicated process, and the visitor will get frustrated and will stop visiting your website. Similarly, if your website loads slowly, such as its upload and download speed is slow and it takes minutes to load, even then the customer will lose interest and move to your competitor’s website.

 Therefore, you should always choose a user-friendly theme and, secondly should care about the speed of the webpage. That means always checking the page speed and improving if necessary.

How to Check the Page Speed?

You can check the page speed using tools, such as page speed insights checker. As the name suggests, these tools provide you with complete insights into the speed of your website. Such as these tools will give the complete information that which page of your website loads slowly and which page loads speedily. And based on these insights, you can improve the page which loads slowly.

Where to Get Pagespeed Insights Checker:

Though there are various online tools available for this purpose, the page speed insights checker developed by stands alone. Why? This is because this tool is freely available and is developed by experienced developers with the input of SEO experts.

To use this tool, visit and open the page speed insights checker. Now you just need copy paste your desired URL in the box and enter the button below, page speed insights will be delivered to you in a snap.



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